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Backlight Replacement For Dim LCD or LED TV

  • Backlight Replacement

    Is your dim? Is part of your screen darker than the rest? This could be due to a failing backlight assemblies, here at Flat Screen Technologies we can replace these assemblies with brand new components. We specialize in CCFL backlight replacement for the gaming, industrial applications. Many times systems are designed to fit specific panels and re-engineering an entire system to fit a new panel is out of the questions,  we are here to make sure those panels can continue on. We worked with our suppliers to find a special color temperature bulb that helps to make panels look brighter, and newer simply by changing out the backlight assemblies. If you require a normal white color temperature we have also worked with our suppliers to get an OEM appearance. We stock a wide variety of bulb sizes and if we don’t we can special order them for your specific project. We are happy to do a performance evaluation on panels to ensure that the repairs that you are receiving are exactly what you are expecting.

    Why Choose to Replace Your Backlight?

    Cost effective solution to replacing screen

    Can fix minor defects in screens appearance.

    Can improve visibility of screen

    New look for older TV’s

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