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BGA Replacement Rework and Replacement

  • BGA Replacement

    Flat Screen Technologies is a leader in rework and replacement of BGA, or Ball Grid Array, components. Our highly trained technicians carefully remove and replace each BGA component utilizing our KIDI replacement machine. This equipment allows us to replace BGA’s up to 2048 balls. We also custom design and manufacture BGA stencils in-house to help place the component.

    These stencils are laser cut to exacting standards by our sister division CGS Technologies. These stencils are used industry wide during BGA rework and replacement, to help ensure that the solder paste is properly located ensuring a good solder joint when the component is replaced.
    In addition to replacing BGA components, we also can reball components. With the high cost of components themselves, it is not always cost effective to just replace the component, especially if the solder joint is the reason that the component is failing. This eliminates having to source a new components and savings on new component cost.

    Ask us about this service to see how we might be able to help salvage some of your components, and keep your boards up and running

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