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AS9100:2009 Rev C


  • LCD Repair and Refurbish

    Flat Screen Technologies specializes in LCD repair and refurbishment. We use a strongly vetted set of suppliers to
    ensure that all components meet our high-quality standards. Our repairs are not limited to basic backlight and polarizer replacement, we have specially engineered equipment designed to remove and replace your panels TAB’s if they fail. All panels that flow through our facility are tracked through our custom tracking software this will record when a repair was completed, what repairs were completed, and any other notes we may have had.
    LCD Products Repair and Service.

    All Gaming Display Sizes (6.2” to 40”) LCD Monitors LCD TVs Point of Sale Equipment
    Ruggedized Mobile Computer Systems Laptop LCD Panels Avionic System Displays LCD Repair at Component Level

    Fine Pitch TAB Replacements For Plasma and LCD

    When Lines Appear Across panel, it may indicate faulty TAB drivers. FST, inc. can isolate and repair or replace these TABS accordingly. Our technical capabilities include:

    • Chip on film (COF)
    • Chip on Flex (TAB)
    • Chip on Glass (COG)


    slots-641738_1920Backlight (CCFL) Replacements

    Dimming or insufficient illumination integrated into LCD’s are integrated into LCD’s are indicative of defective backlights. We are able to refurbish panels to their original lighting levels by replacing with new CCFLs.


    Polarizer Removal and Replacement

    Thin-layered films on each side of the LCD panel are called polarizers. Scratches appearing on LCD panels are usually etched into the polarizers. FST, Inc. can remove and replace these films with our state of the art equipment.


    fotolia_45953758Touch Screen Integration

    Reverse engineering Provides lower cost replacement touch screens. Replacement touch screens meet or exceed the original spec.

    Out turn-around time is typically 10 business days and has demonstrated >98% on time delivery.

    Send us your defects including cracked glass. The cracked glass units are used to harvest TABs to improve yield and lower cost. New parts suppliers are approved and ranked according to stringent quality testing.

Flat Screen Technologies Committed to quality and excellence repairs and service for Circuit Cards, LCD and Flat Screens Certified AS9100C

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