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LCD or LED TV Repair Scratched, Dented, or Dinged

  • Polarizer Replacement

    Has your LCD or LED TV ever been scratched, dented, or dinged? Maybe you were moving and someone rubbed their belt buckle against it, no need to worry anymore we can fix those problems. Using our Custom Designed equipment we can replace the polarizer on your screen and getting it looking like brand new. To complete this process we will disassemble the entire screen and remove just the glass, we use a heated removal system to help ensure no damage comes to your screen. After the polarizer has been removed we then clean the entire screen beforeISO-9001-2008-AS9100-revC-( bringing it into our class 100 clean room to have its new polarizer installed using another piece of custom design equipment. After all work has been completed we carefully put your screen back together and test it to ensure that your screen is working properly.

    Why Choose to Replace Your Polarizer?

    • Cost effective solution to¬†replacing screen
    • Can fix minor defects in screens appearance.
    • Can improve visibility of screen
    • New look for older TV’s

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