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Circuit Repair and Diagnosis Component Packages Replaced Circuit Board Repairs

  • Repair and Diagnosis Circuit Boards

    Flat Screen Technologies taking on all board and systems repair is what we do best! Working with all size companies, from doing thousands of boards a month to the smallest single boards jobs we do it right with the most highly trained and certified technicians in the industry.hnwell 1615 boardWe have all the advanced equipment necessary to diagnosis and repair to take on all jobs with extreme confidence. Looking for a hard to find or obsolete component? We are experts in hard to find obsolete components from around the world to ensure that your product is fixed correctly.

    When you need large production quicker we work with you
    the vendor to get a dedicated tester for the board to help speed up processing and achieve better throughput.
    For individual boards or full systems, we work with you to determine the proper functionality of the system and help you get it back up and running to like new condition.
    No matter what your volume we ensure that all boards are handled correctly to ensure they are not damaged during diagnosis.

    BGA Ball InspectionWe use a Hontron to passively test your boards to ensure that no damage comes to your product while we are
    diagnosing it for repair. We do not need a schematic or block diagram to facilitate repair of your unit as we look at components signature to ensure that the components signature is correct.

    This allows us to find problems that might not normally arise during normal diagnosis.

    we specialize in finding obsolete or hard to find BGA’s, IC’s, and components to repair your board or system. We work with vendors around the world to ensure that all parts meet or exceed original specifications. We also ensure that pricing on these components is as competitive as possible around the world.

    Our Capabilities

    Failure Analysis
    Thermal Profiling
    Ball Grid Array Component Replacement
    BGA Reballing
    High-Resolution Digital Image Capture

    Board Repairs

    Industrial Circuit Board
    Embedded Controller Board
    LCD TV/Monitor (T-Con board, Inverter board, main board, power supply)

    Component Packages Replaced

    PBGA (Plastic Ball Grid Array) TBGA (Tape Ball Grid Array) uBGA (Micro BGA) CCGA (Ceramic Column Grid Array) CBGA (Ceramic Ball Grid Array) CPGA (Ceramic Pin Grid Array)
    Double stacked components Ball Grid Array Connectors QFP (Quad Flat Pack) SOIC (Small Outline Plastic Packages) Lead-Free BGA (Ball Grid Array)

    Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions and we would be happy to help you with your board and system repair needs.

Flat Screen Technologies Committed to quality and excellence repairs and service for Circuit Cards, LCD and Flat Screens Certified AS9100C

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